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Minor (Wave) Rugby (U6-10)

Under 6 and 8 groups are FLAG rugby where FLAGS are torn off the belts of opposing players.  This signifies a 'tackle' where as Under 10 groups tradition to actual physical tackling.  The fundamentals of the game (backward passing, running, below waist tackling and other skills) are taught and developed as a player progresses up the rugby ranks.  The bottom line is to have fun, develop friendships and staying fit.  Competition will obviously develop as a player progresses, but to start as said before, it is all about learning the game and having fun.

With Under 10, introduction to tackle, tackling, ruck, scrum and line-out skills are taught and developed.  

Practices are to be determined (practices may run later depending on skills being taught).  It is important to have good shoes for playing rugby.  The coaches highly recommend some form of cleats (whether soccer cleats or actual rugby shoes) because of the uneven nature of the pitc

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Minor Program Information
Law Variation for Community Rugby
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